Houston’s Premium All Natural Carpet Cleaning

OXY-H2O-300x196Mr.Steamer of Houston was founded to service clients who demand the very best and value a company who can meet those needs. The fact is, you have many options in choosing a carpet cleaner in Houston. You also can find a carpet cleaner who charges next to nothing. We understand this but we also know that while you can find a cheaper cleaner, you will receive cheaper service.

Premium Carpet Cleaning

Mr.Steamer offers a carpet cleaning package for every type of soil condition. From our affordable standard cleaning to our Gold package, we’ve got you covered. Mr.Steamer is known for quality and superior service. We have the experience, reputation, education, systems, and guarantee which separates us from the rest.


.45per sq ft
  • All Natural Cleaning
  • Pre-Vacuuming
  • Pre-Treat with Oxy-H20
  • Pure Water Rinse

The perfect package for those on a budget. 90% of common spots & stains are removed. Safe for kids & pets.


Healthy Home Gold

.55per sq ft
  • Standard +
  • Deodorizer Application
  • Sanitizer Application
  • 4 Spot Treatments
  • 30 day Accidental Warranty

+ more

The Mr.Steamer Healthy Home Gold Package helps reduce common home allergens and leaves a fresh, pleasing scent behind.


Pet & Odor Treatment

$100per treatment
  • Odor Eliminator Treatment
  • Flush Excess Salt Residues
  • Pure Water Rinse
  • Speed Dry with Floor Fan

When a tropical treatment is not enough, The Mr.Steamer Odor Control package is designed to eliminate odors at its source.


    • Why Choose Us

      Every cleaning includes a 10-Day service guarantee

      We completely stand behind our work. Notify us of any concerns you may have within 10 days of your date of service and we will promptly assist you. If needed we will come back at no charge to re-clean any areas of concern.

      Powerful state-of-the-art equipment.

      We use a Truck mount and mobile equipment for high rises that provide great heat and suction to tackle any job.

      We use a proprietary solution (Oxy-H20).

      Oxy-H2O is a SAFE, natural, non-toxic and hypoallergenic cleaning solution. This eliminates dirt and allergens without leaving residue or using harmful chemicals.

      Improve Indoor Air Quality

      The Environmental Protection Agency strongly suggests that you clean your carpets about every six months to a year. Carpet cleaning should be even more frequent under certain conditions such as high humidity, multiple residents, or if you have smokers or pets in your home. If there has been any kind of environmental contamination, monthly carpet cleanings are a necessity to ensure your family’s safety. With our One-Year Carpet Cleaning Warranty, you’ll be able to afford to keep beautiful, healthy carpets all year round.

      Frequent Carpet Cleaning Protects your Family’s Health

      We are constantly surrounded by all kinds of contamination and germs, which can often be tracked in on our carpets. Regular carpet cleanings can remove these contaminants and hazards.

      Dry Carpet Cleaning Available.

      Here at Mr.Steamer, we choose to use the environmentally friendly and convenient carpet cleaning systems, which is why we offer dry carpet cleaning for those who prefer less water or need quicker dry times. With the use of the dry carpet cleaning method, your carpets can dry in as little as one hour. Plus, you’ll love the light, fresh scent that’s left behind after the cleaning.